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      Our philosophy is not to be the biggest, but committed to be the very best.

Security Consultancy

We provide effective security solutions through audit & survey.

Security of Installations

Our guards are well trained and highly competent for keeping your premises safe.

Executive Protection

Our Bodyguards and Security Escorts are specially trained and highly proficient with matching Quick Response Force on demand.

Communication Tower Security

We can provide guards for the security of communication towers in Pakistan.

Our services:

1) Security Consultancy & Planning

In security consultancy we are providing threat/risk assessment, situation/feasibility reports, security audit, site analysis, security system design and verification of employees antecedents.

2) Security of installations

It is carried out after detailed site survey by deployment of experienced Site Security Officers/Site Supervisors and well trained, competent guards aided by support equipment as per the requirements of clients. An efficient monitoring and supervision system ensures maintenance of desired standards.

3) Executive Protection

For the protection of VIPs/Senior Executives, we employ highly trained Special Services Group guards, capable of armed/unarmed combat and ensuring safety of their charges.

4) Mobile armed squads

This encompasses Meet & Greet Protocol and armed/unarmed Escort services consisting of specially trained personnel in suitable transport and attire for receiving, see off and accompanying persons/delegations on temporary or permanent basis.

5) Provision of quick mobile response

The QRF consists of specially trained personnel in suitable transport to respond to perceived emergencies within a given time frame as per the requirements of the clients. They are capable of handling various situations with multi-tasked objectives.

6) Security to communication Tower

These services are provided to the Telecommunication sector through efficient guarding and effective supervision. We consider ourselves specialists in this sphere as leading service providers are/have been our valued clients. We have an elaborate and dedicated set up to cater for Telecom Networks. We are fully cognizant of all allied aspects and have experience and establishment to deal with all eventualities.

7) Security of Events

We are capable of providing security to a venue for an event. It includes perimeter security, access control (personal/vehicular) and rapid response.