Access Security

ISO 9001 Certified
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      Our philosophy is not to be the biggest, but committed to be the very best.

Security Consultancy

We provide effective security solutions through audit & survey.

Security of Installations

Our guards are well trained and highly competent for keeping your premises safe.

Executive Protection

Our Bodyguards and Security Escorts are specially trained and highly proficient with matching Quick Response Force on demand.

Communication Tower Security

We can provide guards for the security of communication towers in Pakistan.

Motivational Factors:

  • Open Door Contact policy
  • In case of death, guard’s next of kin is paid 75% of the salary for 5 years
  • All guards are insured for Rs.200,000/-
  • Donation to guards on their children marriages
  • Pension as per rules on completion of 10 years service eligible after the age of 60 years
  • Spot bonuses for good performance
  • Advance and interest free loans.
  • Annual Umrah for outstanding employees, fully paid by the Company.